TestNegative Coupon Codes 2018 – Free Shipping And Discounts

TestNegative.com is one of the most well-known online places you go to when you want to pass a drug test. They offer everything from detoxes to synthetic urine (they even have the best one). Here we gather all TestNegative coupon codes and keep them up to date (TestNegative discount codes are valid for 2018).

What is more, we try to give you some hints about how to save in TestNegative store and especially get some coupon codes for TestNegative’s ”Sub-Solution” synthetic urine – their most popular product.

Current TestNegative discount codes:

  1. Free shipping codesaves you to $100 (lightning-fast shipping can be expensive).
  2. 3+1 deal on Sub-Solution synthetic urinesaves 75$ if you want to make a small stock (+free shipping!)
  3. Occasional $5 bonus.

List of TestNegative.com Coupon Codes

1. Free Shipping Coupon Code on Test Negative

Fast shipping is usually very important when it comes to beating a drug test – people usually order synthetic urine just few days before the actual drug test. Shipping fees can be high, especially if you need lightning fast shipping.

TestNegative is well aware of that and has a ”free shipping” policy on all orders above $135 if you use the TestNegative coupon code.

How To Use TestNegative Free Shipping Coupon Code:

  1. Go through this link to TestNegative.com site.
  2. When you”re doing your check-out you have a window for ”Discount Code”.
  3. Enter TestNegative coupon code ”FREESHIP” in that and viola!, you get free shipping on all products (of course, it works only if your orders exceed $135).

2. 3+1 deal on Sub-Solution synthetic urine – Save $75

Currently, TestNegative has a 3 + 1 deal on the #1 best synthetic urine of 2018 Sub-Solution. Clearly, the company making it, ClearChoice, know they have the best synthetic urine on the market and can afford to market it at the $75 price tag.

This does make sense – the Sub-Solution is the cleanest and safest way to pass a urine drug test and avoid not getting a job or losing an existing job (I can very well vouch for that). Most of us are well prepared to pay much more than $75 for that but if you”re looking for a bargain, ClearChoice has one:

You can get 4-full packages of Sub-Solution synthetic urine for a price of 3. Making a small stock of synthetic urine for inevitable drug testing will save you $75 right away.

synthetic urine on sale
Sub-Solution updated 2017 formula. Rated #1 synthetic urine of 2018.

How to get the TestNegative discount for Sub-Solution:

  1. Go through this link to TestNegative.com site.
  2. In the window for ”Quantity” enter ”4” and press ”Add to cart”.
  3. In the cart, you will immediately see that the cost of 4 Sub-Solution full-package is not $300 but only $225 – you get 1 full-package for free.

3. Occasional $5 Off Bonus (No Discount Coupon Needed)

Sometimes, when you click ”Checkout”, you get an additional $5 bonus. Mind you that this TestNegative bonus is very seldom available.

All in all, you can get an $80 discount on Sub-Solution that will guarantee you to pass a urine drug test.