TestClear Coupon Code 2018 – Click Link + ‘TestClear10’

TestClear is the most well-known company that sells detoxes and synthetic urine to pass a drug test. Most of the time, they run a promotion where you can get TestClear discount. Usually, before you enter your payment info, you can enter TestClear coupon code and get a discount.

Just go through this link, fill your basket and enter ‘TestClear10‘.

testclear coupon code
This is what you should be looking at. Just go through the link we’ll provide and input the discount code and you’ll get an immediate 10% discount.

We are going to list every TestClear coupon code we get our hands on here. Everybody can use the 2018 Testclear coupon code and get a 10% discount on all of your purchases (albeit you have to go through the provided link – I’ll provide it in a second).

Current TestClear Coupon Code 2018

Here all TestClear coupon codes in 2018 are gathered and are keeping the list of discounts up to date. If you find any other coupon code for TestClear, just include in the comments (and provide the link through which the coupon is valid) and let’s help each other out.

(1) TestClear coupon code and link 2018: Go through this discount link to TestClear.com site (it’s vital you go through it for the code to be valid), fill your shopping cart and use coupon code ‘TestClear10’.

If you went through the provided link, you should get 10% discount site-wide on TestClear.

How TestClear Discount Code Works? (Example)

Here is what I do when buying 10-Day Toxin Rid from TestClear (the safest way to pass a drug test):

buying 10 day toxin rid
My basket before applying TestClear 10% discount

Then I go and use the TestClear 2018 coupon like this:

apply testclear discount code
Input the ‘TestClear10’ code and hit ‘APPLY’.

You get a confirmation:

coupon testclear 2017 accepted
My code is approved (just make sure to go through the provided link for the code to be valid).

Now I check my basket to see how much I got deducted from the initial purchase:

testclear promo code 2017
Checks out! I just saved 19$.

If you buy drug tests in order to check when you stop being positive for weed or any other substance, you can save up to $30 with a simple TestClear coupon code. Here is the discount link again – discount link to TestClear.com site.