Passing Drug Test Using Homemade Natural Remedies

We live in a time when random drug testing is legal in a variety of settings, from court orders to employment drug testing we all face the possibility of this dreaded ‘pop quiz’. While there is much ado regarding whether or not random drug tests are unconstitutional the fact remains that not one of us is exempt from the chance of being tested. Passing drug test is sometimes the only way.

passing drug test

What about if you indulge in a bit of marijuana now and again? You never take it out of your home as you are extremely discreet, but if you had to take a drug test your career would be down the toilet. You can always purchase expensive flush kits online, but there is a good chance they won’t work. You can take even an even bigger risk by trying to sneak clean urine in to the test, or worse yet, attempt to wear a prosthetic device. Forget all of these expensive and risky methods. There are a number of homemade drug test remedies which will get you the results you really need.

The Homemade Drug Test Solution

Knowing ahead of time that you have to provide a specimen is always helpful. If you work for a company that employs this method you are wise to find a backup system for your own good. However if you are preparing for passing drug test you are aware of make sure you implement the use of Oregon Grape Root when following these step by step instructions (you can obtain this root at any health food store or organic food shop):

1.   Begin 48 hours prior to the test

You will begin by simply drinking water constantly. Use the Oregon Grape root with the water; you can grind it into a powder and drink it with a full glass of water. Make sure you are constantly drinking water; at least a gallon per day is recommended.

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2.   Do not use at all during this period of time (no illegal or unapproved substances)

Now is the time to simply not indulge. It’s only two days, and you are going to need your job if you want to indulge later, right?

3.   Wake early on the day of the test and take a B-100 vitamin supplement

Passing a drug test is way easier with taking B vitamins. Supplements are very important – check out how Mike uses them to gain muscles:


4.   After the vitamin add one packet of Ball Fruit Pectin to a gallon of water

Mix this well and drink it down; the pectin will literally coat the urinary tract keeping any remaining traces of the substance you are cleansing from showing in the urine. Make sure you drink the entire gallon of water with the pectin.

5.   Is your urine to clear?

This can raise suspicion and they may require you to retest. The B-100 will help your urine maintain a good color. If you find the B-100 is not really doing the trick there are supplements like AZO, an over-the-counter natural aide which relieves the pain that accompanies UTIs. If you use AZO remember to take it the night before, as it will turn the urine bright orange and the color can only lessen through urination.


Take back your power now and begin to protect yourself from those imposed drug tests. You are a good employee and you do a great job. You deserve to be happy and comfortable when you get home. Take the steps above if you want to clean up fast!

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