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You might forgive me for lack of homemade drug test. Drug tests are quite complicated, both biochemically and biologically, and one cannot just take a homemade urine sample and duck tape to do a THC drug test. Well, here is the next best thing.

It is true that homemade drug test in out of the question. However, you can still use home drug test. It is very simple to use:

1. You go to the pharmacy, buy home drug test for THC. Or, more easily, you can get a cheap drug test shipped via Amazon. Here are some good choices:

2. Take a cup, pee in it and use the home drug test to test if you have drugs in your urine.

This are two basic steps, which are the same for majority of drug test available on the market.




Many pharmacy bought drug test will not only test THC (marijuana) content in the urine, but also other illicit drug, such as amphetamines or cocaine. This is how you make sure you’re free of drug before taking a corporate drug test. Or in other words, to make sure you’re still not free. In such a case, use instructions on passing drug test, which include vitamin B100, drinking plenty of water and producing a lot of urine to wash the drugs out.

home drug test

The great thing about these tests is that they’re done in minutes. The procedure is very similar to pregnancy testing. So if you have seen an average romantic comedy, you’ll pretty much know what to do.

Home drug tests you get on the market are very accurate, up to 99% or more. In such a way, you don’t have to worry about false negatives or false positives. In fact in the classic hospital drug test for jobs very similar tests are used to detect the drug.

Ordinary tests only determine if the drug is present in the urine or not. Below certain level, drugs are not detected. If, however, you get a positive determination for THC for example, they will test your urine again with another test to determine the quantity of illicit drugs in your system.

The whole point of home drug test is to know for certain that you are under detectable level.

On the other hand, if you are trying to test one of your close ones, the procedure is exactly the same as testing yourself. Albeit one might have problems procuring an urine sample.

With drugs so widely used, home drug test is a clear and easy way to make sure if someone is using drugs or if you will have problems if you’re put to the drug testing regimen by your company.

When buying one it is important to notice that it test majority of popular recreational drugs because these same are used in hospitals for work permits. One of the best overall home drug tests that is almost exactly as the one they will test you in hospital is Drug Urine Screen. The beauty of it is that you can order it by mail and it is very easy to use. Other tests might be a bit tricky and the credibility is questionable. You wouldn’t wanna go pee in a cup for your employer questioning if the home drug test was the real deal or not.

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