Toxin Rid Reviews 2017 – Does Toxin Rid Still Work For Drug Test?

Before looking at Toxin Rid reviews, let me say that I once noted that there are only two sure ways to pass a urine drug test:

  1. Synthetic urine or…
  2. Toxin Rid detox products.

If you need to pass a drug test in 24 hours or less, synthetic urine is the way to go but it can be tricky switching it with your own urine. So if you want the sure and guaranteed way of passing drug test, Toxin Rid is the way to go as you’ll see in this Toxin Rid reviews. Here’s an example of one:

toxin rid reviews 10 days
10 day Toxin Rid review: Urinating like Niagara Falls will clean you out much faster

Does Toxin Rid work in 2017?

Toxin Rid detox products are the most sought after for passing a THC drug test for a good reason – their 3-in-1 formula leaves nothing to chance and it does clean you for a drug test. What is more, Toxin Rid reviews (we’re going to have look at some of them) are mostly positive as well. However, most of them agree that it takes time. Toxin Rid is nothing more (or less) than an accelerated drug detox for weed, opiates, amphetamines, you name it.

how many people dont pass a urine drug test
Offical Quest Diagnostic data shows that more than 3% of people are caught on a urine drug test.

For example, if you have a urine drug test for weed in 3 days but have smoked something last week and will still be positive for 6 days, Toxin Rid 3 days detox will help you pass it in 3 days, according to most Toxin Rid reviews. Roughly, the accelerated detox will clean you in half the time a normal detox would. Here is a Toxin Rid comparison table:

toxin rid reviews
Be sure to check if there is still a discount code for Toxin Rid products available in out post about Toxin Rid discounts.

Given most of the reviews of Toxin Rid, you can use it to pass a drug test even if you have drug test scheduled less than 10 days before starting with Toxin Rid. However, in these cases passing a test is not 100% guaranteed.

Does Toxin Rid work is not a correct question here – how many days of Toxin Rid I need to pass a drug test would be more appropriate. Let’s have a look at some science and reviews behind Toxin Rid products. You can check out our Toxin Rid 10-day detox review here – it’s most powerful one, specially designed for heavy smokers.

Toxin Rid Reviews (Science of the Popular 3-in-1 Detox Action)

If you talk with people who used some kind of detox product to pass a drug test, most of them will tell you that they tried with a true-and-tried formula of detox drinks for drug test, and drinking a lot of water. Some did it with detox pills and others even with ‘a very healthy diet’ usually rich in fibers.

In Toxin Rid reviews we’ll see that it consists of a 3-in-1 formula – it combines detox drinks with pre-rid tablets and additional dietary fibers to make sure you do everything possible to detox as quickly as possible.

Detoxing before a job-related drug test is pretty much the best idea to have – you can lose your job just because you smoked one (too many) joints in your leisure time. Of course weed is legal and everything, but more than 80% of people get fired when THC positive on a drug test. Immediately.

Here is how much time can weed be detected in your system and how Toxin Rid reviews can help you minimize the chances of getting caught according to Journal of Analytical Toxicology (supported by Mayo Clinic).


thc detection times
More than 50% of people are still THC positive within 10 days after last joint.

As you’ll see from Toxin Rid reviews, the 3-in-1 formula is not a magic detox. However, it does doubles the speed THC leaves your system. Toxin Rid 3 days detox will make you pee our as much THC as you would in a week. This dramatically increases (if not even guarantees) your chances of passing a drug test and keeping your job.

Let’s have a look at few of Toxin Rid reviews:

10 Day Toxin Rid Reviews (Heavy Smokers)

The 10-day detox treatment is the most effective one out there and used by many heavy smokers. For 1 time smokers even drinking lots of cranberry juice and lots of water will help them eliminate the drugs in 10 days.

However, if you’ve been smoking a joint for last few months or even years, you know full well it won’t go out with just a bit of extra water.

The simple fact why Toxin Rid works is the 3-in-1 formula. Basically, drugs go out of the system via urine or fecal matter. If you do a Toxin Rid analysis, you can see why it accelerates drug elimination:

  1. Pre-rid pills make you pee. A lot.
  2. Detox drink before a drug test makes you pee. Really a lot.
  3. Dietary fibers bind drugs in fecal matter. You simply get more drugs out of the system via defecation.
10 day toxin rid detox formula
3-in-1 Toxin Rid formula.

Examples of Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Reviews

The science checks out, lets see some Toxin Rid reviews:

detox reviews for toxin rid
Toxin Rid review from 420magazine

As said previously, Toxin Rid reviews do suggest you need some time to get cleaned. However, it is true that it’s best to be honest about how much you smoke. When your job is on the line, you don’t want to blind yourself or just use a simple detox drink like QCarbo16.

When you know you’re a heavy user and want a guarantee to pass, 10 Day Toxin Rid is arguably your best bet.

You can get 10 Day Toxin Rid detox here.

Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox Reviews (Moderate Smokers)

One of the most practical Toxin Rid reviews I found out there is the chat with the Test Clear company that sells it. Here is the word-by-word transcript of the chat:

clear test toxin rid chat
You can chat about 5-Day or any other Toxin Rid product here.

What I really love about this review of Toxin Rid is that the guy got the 35k job and is now well off. And best of all, when you pass a drug test, you know they’re not likely to test you again in some time and you have a free pass.

As per the 3-in-1 formula, we see that Calvis (the customer) urinated a lot and went, well, produced more fecal matter. This is exactly how Toxin Rid is supposed to work.

5 day detox toxin rid review

Here we can see that you can pass a drug test with 5-day detox even if you get a 7-day notice. You can usually find very good evidence in Toxin Rid reviews that it dramatically increases the chances of passing a drug test; but the only way to be 100% sure is to start 10-15 days before a drug test.

You can get the 5-Day Toxin Rid detox here.

Toxin Rid 3 Days Detox (One-Time Smokers)

The 3-day Toxin Rid is usually for one-time smokers. For example, if you’ve been to Amsterdam or like Colorado and had to just try. It would be a pity to lose a job over 1 joint and Toxin Rid 3 days detox is pretty much the surest and cheapest way to prevent that.

With the user rating of 5 stars you can see that it does work for light smokers pretty well. Do keep in mind, however, that 3-day detox might not be nearly enough if you’re a heavy smoker.

You can get the 3 Days Toxin Rid here.

As we’ve cleared it out, one has to be always honest to him or herself when it comes to how much drugs are in one’s body and choose a Toxin Rid package accordingly. Oh, there is such a thing as Toxin Rid 7-Days detox for the 1-week notice people.

Conclusion on Toxin Rid Reviews In 2017

Given that most of drug tests (such as for weed and opiates) didn’t change in 2017, the Toxin Rid products that worked in the past should work in 2017 as well.

Oh, if you need a 10% OFF on all products, TestClear was kind enough to provide StonersRetreat with a discount. Just following THIS link and use ‘TestClear10’ code.

If, for example, they would lower the cut-off limits on tests, we might be in problems but for now we are safe with Toxin Rid. However, if they lower them, the synthetic urine will be the only thing left to pass a drug test for sure (you can easily check how well it works with At Home Drug Test).

With the new legislation of ‘testing positive on marijuana in workplace is ok’ slowly rolling in, I hope that in few years we won’t have to afraid for our jobs just because we freely smoke weed in our spare time.


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