TestNegative Coupon Codes 2018 – Free Shipping And Discounts

TestNegative Coupon Codes 2018 – Free Shipping And Discounts

TestNegative.com is one of the most well-known online places you go to when you want to pass a drug test. They offer everything from detoxes to synthetic urine (they even have the best one). Here we gather all TestNegative coupon codes and keep them up to date (TestNegative discount codes are valid for 2018).

What is more, we try to give you some hints about how to save in TestNegative store and especially get some coupon codes for TestNegative’s ”Sub-Solution” synthetic urine – their most popular product.

Current TestNegative discount codes:

  1. Free shipping codesaves you to $100 (lightning-fast shipping can be expensive).
  2. 3+1 deal on Sub-Solution synthetic urinesaves 75$ if you want to make a small stock (+free shipping!)
  3. Occasional $5 bonus.

List of TestNegative.com Coupon Codes

1. Free Shipping Coupon Code on Test Negative

Fast shipping is usually very important when it comes to beating a drug test – people usually order synthetic urine just few days before the actual drug test. Shipping fees can be high, especially if you need lightning fast shipping.

TestNegative is well aware of that and has a ”free shipping” policy on all orders above $135 if you use the TestNegative coupon code.

How To Use TestNegative Free Shipping Coupon Code:

  1. Go through this link to TestNegative.com site.
  2. When you”re doing your check-out you have a window for ”Discount Code”.
  3. Enter TestNegative coupon code ”FREESHIP” in that and viola!, you get free shipping on all products (of course, it works only if your orders exceed $135).

2. 3+1 deal on Sub-Solution synthetic urine – Save $75

Currently TestNegative has a 3 + 1 deal on the #1 best synthetic urine of 2018 Sub-Solution. Clearly the company making it, ClearChoice, know they have the best synthetic urine on the market and can afford to market it at the $75 price tag.

This does make sense – the Sub-Solution is the cleanest and safest way to pass a urine drug test and avoid not getting a job or losing an existing job (I can very well vouch for that). Most of us are well prepared to pay much more than $75 for that but if you”re looking for a bargain, ClearChoice has one:

You can get 4-full packages of Sub-Solution synthetic urine for a price of 3. Making a small stock of synthetic urine for inevitable drug testing will save you $75 right away.

synthetic urine on sale
Sub-Solution updated 2017 formula. Rated #1 synthetic urine of 2018.

How to get the TestNegative discount for Sub-Solution:

  1. Go through this link to TestNegative.com site.
  2. In the window for ”Quantity” enter ”4” and press ”Add to cart”.
  3. In the cart, you will immediately see that the cost of 4 Sub-Solution full-packages is not $300 but only $225 – you get 1 full-package for free.


3. Occasional $5 Off Bonus (No Discount Coupon Needed)

Sometimes, when you click ”Checkout”, you get an additional $5 bonus. It should look like this (mind you that this TestNegative bonus is very seldom available):

testnegative coupon code
This is how $5 bonus should look like. You can go step-by-step and check if you get a bonus here.

All in all, you can get an $80 discount on Sub-Solution that will guarantee you to pass a urine drug test.

3 Shocking Ways How To Pass A Drug Test (In 24 Hours)

3 Shocking Ways How To Pass A Drug Test (In 24 Hours)

When you start wondering how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours (or even less), I can bet you’re just brainstorming what to do. Why?

Because failing your urine drug test will mean you won’t get a job you applied for or keep your current job. Here is a story from New York Times about how difficult it is to get a job (because people don’t pass the pre-employment drug test).

We’ll explain Top 3 ways of how to pass a urine drug test quickly (in 24 hours or less) but there are honestly only 2 ways that consistently work (and are thus most commonly used):

  1. Detox (slow) – especially with Toxin Rid products (it takes some days and involves swallowing 45-150 cleansing pills – you can read all about it in Toxin Rid review here).
  2. Synthetic Urine (quickless than 24 hours) – lab-made urine that checks out just like a real clean urine on a drug test. If you REALLY need to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours, you should check out Synthetic Urine 2018 Comparison and get the best one).
how many people get caught on urine drug test
More than half of people caught on drug tests are THC positive. Source: Journal of Analytical Toxicology, Vol. 25, November/December 2002

You basically have two options, either you go Big Lebowski way and see what happens:

how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours or less

…or you actually man up and act in what little time you have left. Don’t leave it up to chance, too much depends on passing a urine drug test. You can count that your employer tests you for a reason.

1 day is a very limited time window so if you’re in a hurry and need know how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours fix right away, fast-forward to quick fix here (newsflash, you’ll probably need friend’s urine or synthetic urine).

If you have some days to a urine drug test, you could do a quick and simple THC detox with a 5-Day or 10-Day Toxin Rid (learn more at Toxin Rid reviews). However, if you have to pass a urine drug test tomorrow, you can’t really detox. Fortunately, there is a way (check out #3 option) how to pass a drug test in 24 hours:

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours (3 options)

When you’re a day away from a urine drug test, there are basically three ways to do it –

How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours?

  1. Synthetic urine is the most common way of passing a drug test on short notice because it 100% guarantees you to pass. Yes, you can have it shipped in less than 24 hours and will work every time. You just add water to synthetic urine powder and are good to go, or buy the next gen Sub-Solution synthetic urine (scored No. 1 as the best synthetic urine of 2018) which is ready-to-go for immediate use and even heats itself to body temperature.
  2. Flush detox drinks right before taking a urine drug test. WARNING: These are very powerful drinks, many with as much niacin you consume in a whole month, and don’t be surprised to have straight diarrhea two days after you drink them.
  3. Friend’s urine. Basically someone else’s urine – from a friend you can trust that is not on weed. If you’re like me and your best friends (or at least those to whom you are willing to pop the question ‘hey man, would you gimme some pee?’) are stoners, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Synthetic Urine Comparison (2017)

 Sub-Solution (#1)Quick Fix (#2)Xstream (#3)Magnum (#4)Upass (#5)Ultra Pure (#6)Agent X (#7)
Fast Shipping:
Does it heat up?Yes - 98°F to 102°F
Money-back Guarantee:YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Average rating:
Available at:Buy Sub-SolutionBuy Quick FixBuy XstreamN/A
Buy UpassBuy Ultra PureBuy Agent X

Personally, I always go for #1 since I prefer not to have diarrhea and when I ask my friends about how to pass a drug test quick they always say ‘go for the Sub thing’. I make a point to always trust stoners who kept their jobs after their drug test – they must be doing something right.

synthetic urine to pass a urine drug test

So here are some experiences I had with passing a drug test in 24 hours but most of the things are from the guys on the street (the one’s with jobs, of course) – by the way, if you don’t want to repeat my mistakes, you can skip #2 and #3. The #1 – synthetic urine (click here to get to #1) – is what most people use to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test Option #3 – Flush Detox Drinks/Kits

When trying to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours, my first idea was always those flush detox drinks. You get one, drink whatever it is (it may be disgusting but hey at least I’m keeping my job) and proudly pee in a cup, knowing you’ll test negative for THC, amphetamines, cocaine or whatever drugs you’ve been on to. You should read the How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System article to get idea about the time it takes to eliminate drugs.

It’s not my first idea how to pass a urine drug test. What changed? I was on the toilet for 3 days straight.

The flush detox of my choice (that says it works in 1 day) definitely made me pee. A lot. After I drank the whole bottle (I’m not taking any chances), I felt a sudden urge to pee and go number two. How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours shouldn’t be easy, right?

I was glad initially. How to pass a urine drug test in 1 day? Peeing a lot was definitely what I expected. I must have drank 4 or 5 big water bottles that day and was on the toilet constantly. Check with At Home Drug Test, I was negative (and exhausted). I, however, did found out how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours the hard way.

And, yes, I passed. It has been about a week after my last joint and I think my urine cleared a bit in those days as well. Big success, right? Well…

Flush Detox Drinks Have Side Effects (Duh!)

After peeing in a cup with a smile on my face, the ‘symptoms’ didn’t really stop. I also made a mistake to congratulate myself for passing a urine drug test in less than 24 hours by lighting one up – I’ve been off for the whole week, so it felt amazing.

Got me some munchies beforehand cause I knew that when sh*t hits the fans I’ll eat just about everything. I did, and, guess what, only then did sh*t really hit the fan. Literally. How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours just takes 24 hours – what happens next is not that easy:

I spent next two days going to the toilet and I’ve pretty much been doing number 1 through a whole that is meant for number 2. Yeah. That’s not really how I imagined how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours should end up.

It was a vicious circle I wouldn’t wish for my worst enemy. I had massive diarrhea after passing a urine drug test, and I ate all the time because I smoked all the time because I didn’t feel the nice dizzy THC feeling for the whole past week.

Admittedly, after those two days, the things inside the detox drink must have gone out (with much of my insides) and the diarrhea stopped.

In short, I would only recommend the flash detox to courageous stoners out there. I’m definitely not doing that again because there are better ways of how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours:

Update: I haven’t tried the most popular detox drink QCarbo16 (check it out) but that one seems to help (no one reports diarrhea at least).

Option #2 – Get A Fake Urine For Drug Test

Have you ever had to ask someone for a favor? It is a bit awkward, especially if you’re an introverted guy like me. Now imagine asking someone to give you his or hers pee.

‘So here’s the deal, I’ve got a urine drug test tomorrow and the only way how I can pass it is if you give me your urine. You’re clean, right?’

Well, I don’t know about you but I don’t have many friends I can ask this question. I do understand how important it is not to fail a urine drug test but even with that drive it’s hard to pop a urine question. And it’s not the best way how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours. Of course, you can also buy its alternative synthetic urine in stores (albeit the best one is still sold exclusive online).

Nonetheless, if you can get a clean urine from a friend or sibling, you can store it in your pocket and present it as your own pee. When you get a cup to pee in at the urine drug test place, just go into the cabin, take out the pee (heat it up – I’l show you how) and pour it into the cup. Is this really the best way how to pass a drug test fast?

How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours with fake pee is not the best way to go – if you leave it out for more than 1 hours, it will start to smell really bad (and the lab will notice that). Synthetic urine (option #3) is a much better idea – doesn’t produce that smell.

Problem Of Getting Clean Friend’s Urine

If you have respectable and drug-free friends you don’t mind asking for favors, you’re in the clear. Just call your friend says ‘Listen up, this is how I can pass a urine drug test, and I’ll need your urine TODAY’. Get a cup, a flask, or the incognito belt and ‘collect’ friend’s urine. Job done.

On the other hand, if you’re like me and all your trusted friends are stoners, you’ve got a problem. Well, there is a bonus side of having weed-friendly friends – how to pass a urine drug test quickly is exactly the right question for them.

Some of them have probably faced the trials of needing to give a urine sample for a drug test, they’ll even tell you the story over a joint.

So here is what’s up if you don’t have some fake urine or want to invest in semi-toxic drug detox drinks…

‘Man, just get a synthetic urine and warm it up, you’ll do fine.’ That’s the advice I got and tested. Yeah, heavy smokers (with jobs) really know their stuff.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours With Synthetic Urine – Option #1 (Recommended)

Basically, with every urine drug test that you want to pass two things are needed:

  1. Urine.
  2. Assurance that is it clean.

Simple as that, right? Well, you have urine but it’s probably not clean.

Your friend has urine, but can you be sure that it is clean (if you, of course, do ask for the urine in the first place – awkward). Of course, once the urine is out, it will start to smell and the lab will notice that.

Synthetic Urine To Pass A Urine Drug Test In Less Than 24 Hours

Meet synthetic urine. Yeah, that’s urine that was made in a lab to look every aspect as like as a normal and clean urine looks like. There is actually a lot of science behind the best synthetic urine kits.

mouth swab drug test

It works like a real urine, except it is 100% clean.

You have your urine now ready to give a sample with the step-by-step (make urine, hide urine under clothes, take it out when in the cabin, warm it up and present it to the nurse).

Here the quick step-by-step for how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours with synthetic urine:

  1. Get synthetic urine. According to the 2018 synthetic urine comparison, the best one to use is Sub-Solution – and I can attest to that (saved me a couple of times).
  2. Hide the urine somewhere under the clothes. I got myself a specially designed belt for this but it’s expensive for one drug test; however, if you expect to have more than 1 drug test in your lifetime, it might be worth it – here is the incognito belt.
  3. Heat it up. When they tell you to go into the cabin and pee in a cup, just smile, go in, take out synthetic urine and pour it into the cup. The ones with a vial (I know Sub has one) will heat themselves up.
  4. Give the urine sample and you’re off. HINT: Buy munchies cause you’ve probably been off the drugs for some time, and you’ve just got a free pass.

It’s quite simple and easy.

What many people I’ve talked to tell you that the only problem is warming it up. ‘You can’t do that with hands, man’, but they present you with a solution. Literally.

Almost all of them use so-called Sub-Solution synthetic urine for a simple reason:

‘This stuff heats itself up. By itself!’

Heat Activator In Synthetic Urine Solution (That’s How To Heat Up The Urine)

The synthetic urine really does come with heat activator. I find it quite amazing to be honest! Standing in the urine drug test cabin, I just added water to the powdered synthetic urine, and viola!, it was heated up to the room temperature and ready for the nurse.

sub solution review
Review of Sub-Solution synthetic urine.

I’ve used it for a couple of tests by now but I’m amazed about how that cold water becomes warm and just like urine in my hand every single time (it may feel a bit gross but hey it’s helping you pass a drug test).

This is basically the best way how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours (or even less):

best synthetic urine 2017
The No. 1 synthetic urine to pass a drug test in 2018 is Sub-Solution. You can buy it online here – if you order it before 4:30pm EST you can get the same day shipping.


Guess how many times I’ve failed to pass a urine drug test?

Ok, I did fail once because I ordered it too late and had to give my real THC-positive pee. It was for a lousy job anyway, so I didn’t care much (I should!). Why?

Not because I didn’t get the job I honestly didn’t want anyway but because they put THC POSITIVE on your medical record. That’s right! Getting a new job was a lot tougher afterward.

And now my current employer knows I was positive some years ago and goes ahead and test me regularly (I’m being randomly chosen way too much – it’s like walking in the airport wearing a turban). Random checks, right?

When You Need Synthetic Urine Quick, Check FAST Shipping

I have the stuff at home because when the time comes I don’t want to google ‘How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours extra extra quickly’ when my boss informs me I’m going to have to pee in a cup in 2 days time.

However, if this is your first urine drug test you feel frisky about, fast shipping is very important (time is probably running out). Gladly, the Sub-Solution shipping is quick:

synthetic urine shipping options

As you see, they ship on weekdays – order before 4:30 PM to get same day shipping. Very important.

You can also check if Sub-Solution is on sale here.

Remember when I failed the urine drug test and lost my job? Well, I waited too long (being high probably had something to do with that, to be fair). Just make sure you have it on hand when you have to give a urine sample for drug test.

Do read the instructions to reassure you (here is the link to the instructions). You don’t want to be looking too anxious when going to the doctor.

Always remember this when it comes to passing a drug test – Better safe than sorry.

I can’t believe how many people are ‘surprised’ they lost their job just because they failed a drug test. Some people (like most of the employers) take smoking weed seriously. Sorry but that’s the current reality.

Back To You Guys

Hopefully now you know how to pass a drug test in 24 hours. I’m here for all the question you might have and I can ask around if I won’t be able to answer something.

I would much appreciate you sharing your own experience with how to pass a urine drug test. Don’t hold back, use an anonymous nickname or whatever. Lets just help each other out.