Quick Fix Plus Reviews – The Best Synthetic Urine In 2017? Well…

If you have a urine drug test coming up and you’ve done some googling (or looked around StonersRetreat), you’ve probably realized that synthetic urine is the ‘cleanest’ and surest way to pass a urine drug test. Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine is the most known ‘fake pee’ out there since it is one of the few synthetic urines that can be bought in stores. In this Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine review, we’ll go through how to pass a drug test with synthetic pee and determine if Quick Fix Plus is the best synthetic urine (quick hint: it’s one of the top ones but not the best).

As you can see from the 2017 synthetic urine comparison, Quick Fix is one of the Top 7 synthetic urine kits for passing a drug test – in short, it does work.

Synthetic Urine Comparison (2017)

 Sub-Solution (#1)Quick Fix (#2)Xstream (#3)Magnum (#4)Upass (#5)Ultra Pure (#6)Agent X (#7)
Synthetic Urine:synthetic urine on sale
Ingredients:5 Stars1 Stars1 Stars2 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars
Quality/Price:4 Stars4 Stars3 Stars2 Stars3 Stars3 Stars1 Stars
Fast Shipping:5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars3 Stars1 Stars1 Stars3 Stars
Does it heat up?Yes - 98°F to 102°F
Money-back Guarantee:YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Average rating:4.6 Stars3.3 Stars3 Stars2.1 Stars1.7 Stars1.7 Stars1.7 Stars
Available at:Buy Sub-SolutionBuy Quick FixBuy XstreamN/A
Buy UpassBuy Ultra PureBuy Agent X

Why is Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine so popular? Simple. Because it’s widely available and, honestly, has good marketing.

You can buy it either:

Despite being the golden standard of synthetic pees, Quick Fix doesn’t do so well against the No. 1 synthetic urine Sub-Solution. In this Plus Quick Fix synthetic urine reviews we’ll go through why ‘The Fix’ is a good choice to pass a urine drug test but we’ll also point out where ‘The Sub’ has an edge over it (primarily because it can self-heat to body temperature).

What is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Anyway?

Synthetic urine is a pee-like solution that passes 100% as normal (and clean) human urine on a drug test. In short, if your urine is THC positive, you can just get synthetic urine, fill the cup with it (because it’s clean, unlike your urine) and present it to the lab guy who does analysis on whether it has drugs in it or not.

Your urine? Well, if you’re a stoner like me, it’s not really clean.

Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine? Synthetic urine is, of course, clean and will pass every urine drug test.

Synthetic urine was in fact originally designed to calibrate urine drug tests – it is thus by default made to test as normal human urine. Quick Fix Plus contains, for example, uric acid – a vital ingredient of human urine.

Most of the good synthetic urines (and Quick Fix is definitely one of them) will perform with perfectly on the test strip – it will test exactly like a clean human urine would. However, the problem is that it also has to ‘feel’ like human urine – it has to have body temperature. Since a normal urine comes directly from a human body, it has a body temperature.

However, Quick Fix synthetic urine is not heated to that temperature by itself – you have to heat it up with your body prior to taking the test. But there is one synthetic urine that can heat itself up – this is what makes Sub-Solution the best synthetic urine (but can be bought exclusive online at TestNegative.com).

Quick Fix Plus Reviews

At StonersRetreat we look at both the science behind tip and trick to pass a drug test as well as user reviews. With Quick Fix we found that science checks out fine but if there are no good reviews of people who used it to pass a drug test – what’s the bother to be the first one to use it? Nobody wants to be a lab rat when your job is at stake (if you fail a drug test, you’ll probably lose your job and a lot more).

Fortunately, there are plenty of Quick Fix Plus synthetic pee reviews out there since it the most widely available ‘fake pee’ out there.

People review Quick Fix on blogs and forums as well as on the official Quick Fix site. Let’s have a look at a few of them, shall we? (click the pics to enlarge)

quick fix plus review
Positive review from a fellow Canadian stoner.

So I guess the Canadian Quick Fix Plus does work. Here is another from grasscity forums.

quick fix synthetic urine
You can check out the whole post and responses in this forum thread.

Quick Fix Can Be As Good As Sub-Solution – Just Heat It Up With Microwave

The main thing why people go for the Sub-Solution is because it can be easily heated up (with the use of the vial). However, in some of Quick Fix Plus reviews you can see that people who used it to pass a urine drug test recommend to heat it up with microwave – check it out:

heating up quick fix
Miss. Miracle Stash microwaves Quick Fix for 10 seconds at home and passed the drug test with flying colors.

This one is from their official website:

quick fix testimonials

So at far as things with Quick Fix Plus go, the science checks out and the user reviews as well.

The Big Question – Quick Fix Plus vs. Sub-Solution

However, I wouldn’t be hasty about buying Quick Fix Plus. Of course, if I had hours before the drug test, I would go to the nearest head shop and get one – but only because I would be desperate.

The fact to the matter is that when you put Quick Fix side-by-side with Sub-Solution, ‘the Sub’ is a much more convenient way to pass a drug test because it heat’s up by itself. You can read more about why it is the best synthetic urine at Sub Solution review or you can even buy it here.

The bottom line is that Quick Fix Plus might do just fine. But if you want to be sure to pass a drug test, use Sub Solution.


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