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When you’re looking for detox drinks to pass a drug test, QCarbo16 comes up sooner or later as the most popular herbal clean detox drink. But how good it actually is? Does QCarbo16 really work for a drug test?

The fact is that for passing a drug test only one thing works for sure – synthetic urine (Sub-Solution is usually the best one – you can check the Sub review here). However, detox drinks like QCarbo16 can help a bit as well but if you want a thorough and effective detox that will guarantee to cleanse your body of THC, you should really look into the Toxin Rid detox line. The most powerful one – 10-Day Toxin Rid – which comes with 150 detox pills (you can be sure that that many pills clears your system entirely) and will help even the heaviest smokers – and you can even get a 10% discount here. QCarbo16 on the other hand, well, it really helps by only a bit (no guarantees).

If you’re not sure if you need to detox for drug test, you can use our calculator for marijuana detection times on drug test and get a detox recommendation (hint: QCarbo16 isn’t the best recommendation since it helps just a bit):

The QCarbo16 instructions are surprisingly simple: just drink the bottle of QCarbo16 before a drug test (it should work for 2 days) and you’ll pass the drug test. With being so popular, this detox cleansing drink should work for everybody, right? Well…

Most popular detox drink QCarbo16.


With such easy instructions, I don’t think anybody should have a problem with QCarbo16 (or it’s big brother QCarbo32). However, if you have one look at herbal clean QCarbo16 reviews on Amazon, you can see two things:

Amazon qcarbo 16 reviews
QCarbo Amazon reviews.
  • About half the people (51%) just love taking QCarbo16 before a drug test and pass the test.
  • Roughly the other half (43%) obviously took the detox drink before a drug test and didn’t pass.

So which one is it? Does herbal clean QCarbo 16 work for a drug test or not? Surely if everybody would pass a drug test with QCarbo16 there would be 100% of 5-star reviews. And if nobody would pass? I would expect 100% of 1-star reviews. The truth is somewhere in between.

I’ve made a summary of best QCarbo16 reviews and worst QCarbo16 reviews to figure out if this detox drink really makes you pass a drug test.

My first opinion: QCarbo16 doesn’t work! I’ll go into this at the end but will let you guys make your opinion about it first.

My findings: For some people QCarbo16 actually does work! I’m quite impressed by these findings to tell you the truth. I was rather skeptical at herbal clean QCarbo16 at first (because, come on, herbal drink? But then again weed is a herb and we all know it has an effect on us) but it turns out that your chances of passing a drug test are better if you drink QCarbo 16 before a drug test.

Needless to say, everything said about QCarbo16 is relevant for its big brothers QCarbo20 and QCarbo32 as well. The only difference is the dosage – 16 oz., 20 oz. or 32 oz. – the ingredients are the same.

The good thing when buying a QCarbo32 is that it might be twice the size of QCarbo16, but it’s not twice the cost – I think it’s a few dollars difference – you can check the current prices of QCarbo drinks here:

Herbal Clean QCarbo16 – Does It Work?

Here is my disclaimer: Unlike synthetic urine or Toxin Rid line (I use and trust, and it does have very good reviews), I haven’t used QCarbo16 personally. However, given this is believed to be a top choice for passing a drug test, I’ve gathered some interesting QCarbo16 reviews from all over the net.

Why? Simple because we all want to get a clear picture if QCarbo16 does work for passing a drug test; or even better, in what cases does herbal clean QCarbo 16 work for a drug test (obviously it doesn’t work for everybody).

Let’s start with best reviews and then follow up with the worst reviews, shall we?

Best QCarbo 16 Reviews (more than 50% of users have such reviews)

With a product as popular as QCarbo line, its really not difficult to get reviews from people who have first-hand experience with QCarbo16 or QCarbo32.

Amazon QCarbo16 Positive Review

Amazon is where the most people buy QCarbo16 (you can check QCarbo16 price on Amazon here) and it’s where you’ll find the most reviews.

This is an example of a verified customer that obviously has some experience with QCarbo.

amazon qcarbo 16 positive review

You can see that Gabrielle claims that QCarbo16 does work, and for her, it did work on multiple occasions. What I like about this review is:

  • Making sure to follow QCarbo16 instructions.
  • It does make you urinate more if you drink plenty of water. Sounds like the weed (or other drugs) are being washed out of your system.

Two sound advices for using any detox drink.

QCarbo16 Review From Marijuana.com

Marijuana.com is a very credible source of information about weed and people there join a forum to share and discuss different things. One of them does QCarbo16 work for drug test as well, obviously.

Here is a screenshot of a story about a guy who passed a drug test using a lot (and I mean a lot!) of cranberry juice, and QCarbo 16.

qcarbo detox story
Guy passed with QCarbo drink.

I really like the story and am glad that the guy passed his drug test. Obviously he used QCarbo 16 but he did gulp down a lot of cranberry juice as well. Both of things made him pee more so I guess that is weed going out of his system.

Here is another testimonial from a weed blog by ‘B money’ (forgive him for using crazy grammar, he gets the point accros):

qcarbo review thcclean

Thus far the herbal clean QCarbo16 looks pretty awesome, right? Just do bear in mind that these reviews are the positive ones. According to the Amazon rating, 43% of people who used QCarbo 16 didn’t like it one bit.

Lets look at the other part of the spectrum.

Worst QCarbo16 Reviews (less than 50% of users have such reviews)

Every product has bad reviews as well and QCarbo16 is not an exception.

Here is one of the worst QCarbo16 you can see.

amazon qcarbo 16 negative review

Maria kept is short and to the point – Qcarbo16 didn’t work for her.

The absolute worst review I found was on the drugs-forum.com, a well-known weed forum. Here is the answer to the question if anyone used QCarbo16 to pass a drug test:

qcarbo works drug forum

Yeah. If you thought that losing your job is the worst thing that can happen when failing a drug test – think again.

Albeit Percocet does include oxycodone, a strong opiate, and if you’re tested positive for opiate abuse you can get a week of jail time as well. The law is, of course, not as strict for weed.

My Theory for QCarbo 16 (works as a final push)

Reading through the reviews, I noticed that more than half of people (51%) were happy with QCarbo16 and less than half (43%) were not.

This is probably because 51% of people passed a drug test by drinking QCarbo 16 before a drug test and 43% didn’t (and lots a job or even got jail time).

If we look at passing weed drug test (weed is the #1 illegal substance people test positive for on a drug test), you can see that more than half would test positive if they were to smoke a joint 1-10 days before a drug test:

thc detection times
More than 50% of people are still THC positive within 10 days after last joint.

As I’ve stated earlier, I find these findings quite impressive! Obviously you have a better chance to pass a drug test with QCarbo16 than without.

It also isn’t one of those ‘well, it can’t hurt detoxes’, it does actually help some people.

Here is my take on why it helps to some people – because they are really close to testing negative on a drug test anyway. In 1 or 2 days, the drugs would be flushed out by the system itself. However, QCarbo16 makes you pee quite a lot and you eliminate the drugs that would be eliminated in 1-2 days after the drug test.

Positive Outlook on QCarbo16 (Surprising But Effective Last Resort)

Maybe not a big difference, but a decisive one: with QCarbo16 some people can pass a drug test.

As a general rule, if you have a week, the 5-Day Toxin Rid is still the best solution to passing a drug test. I would use QCarbo16 as a last resort; but surprisingly an effective one.

The same principle goes for QCarbo20 and QCarbo32. Those are just bigger doses you have to get if you are:

  • Heavy user. The more THC you get in your system, the more you have to flush out.
  • Being overweight. The more weight you have, the more THC is stored inside your body, hence the bigger does of detox drink to get weed or other drugs out of your system.

You can check out QCarbo32 here as well:

8 thoughts on “QCarbo16 To Pass Drug Test In 2017? Best’n’Worst Reviews – StonersRetreat

  • March 21, 2017 at 1:49 am

    Gave myself 48 hours, two full hour+ workouts and 4 hours of sauna time and qcarbo20. Did NOT work. I workout regularly and hang around 10-15% bodyfat. I have a visible six pack and this product did not work.

    • March 21, 2017 at 6:42 am

      Low body fat percentage is as efficient at passing a drug test as is the 6-pack at picking up girls – it’s good to have but it’s not a guarantee. As I’ve said before, these natural ways of passing drug test such as sauna, cardio and so on are only effective if you’re close to the cut-off limit of the drug test. QCarbo16 is the same – it helps a bit but it’s no guarantee – as you’ve seen from the Amazon reviews, 43% of guys who used it were not impressed. I would really advise using the calculator below which points out if you should use synthetic urine or Toxin Rid detox (only one detox that consistently works, not like QCarbo16).

      I’m really sorry you didn’t pass, Smokey. What was the aftermath of not passing?

      Here is the calculator:

      • March 21, 2017 at 6:51 am

        I did a home test first but there is a job on the line by the end of the week and they will do a temperature check instead of watching my wee wee. I was more just sharing my experience because so many people besides the amazon reviews you provided swear by this product. The stupidest thing about it is that marijuana is legal in my state for adults over 21….

        • March 21, 2017 at 4:52 pm

          The greatest ludicracy I see is that 1) Marijuana is legal but 2) You must not be THC positive on a drug test. I mean, what’s the point of legalization if one cannot earn a decent living because of smoking weed? I think law for legalization and drug test should go hand in hand. Hope this will be fixed soon. Thanks for sharing your experience, Smokey!

  • February 6, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Qcarb16 has work great for my drug test ive passed flying colors . im on probation and occ everytime my color comes out i drink Q 16 2hrs before pee 2 or 3 times im good thanks Q16

    • February 13, 2017 at 6:11 pm

      That is usually the right way to use QCarbo16 – peeing several times is a strong indication that it works; just do bear in mind there are no guarantees as with synthetic urine.

      • March 5, 2017 at 12:17 am

        Does it clean my system just for 2 days or does it take 2 days please help asap

        • March 5, 2017 at 7:00 am

          The QCarbo16 cleans the system for 2 days. Honestly, you have better chances of passing a drug test with QCarbo but not by much I think. The real detox here is Toxin Rid and of course synthetic urine is the most popular way to do it by far.

          Hope this helps. Best, Steve


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