Detox Drinks For Drug Test – Top 4 Weed Detox Drinks In 2017

Are you still going to have a job this time next week? This is exactly what every drug user is asking when he or she gets a requirement to pass a drug test. The problem is that you know you’ve smoked something or taken something that will probably show up on a drug test. So what to do? Detox drinks for drug test are, alongside THC detox and synthetic urine, the most popular ways of how to pass a drug test.

how many people dont pass a urine drug test

Offical Quest Diagnostic data shows that more than 3% of people are caught on a urine drug test.

detox drinks for drug test

Will juices help? Maybe but definitely not quickly enough.

But how well do detox drinks for drug test perform? It is possible to pass a weed drug test just by drinking THC detox drink like QCarbo16, and of course, which are the best detox drinks for passing a drug test out there?

Here is a simple fact: you have better chances of passing a drug test with detox drinks for drug test than without. Is the success guaranteed? Of course not, only using synthetic urine or triple formula 5-day Toxin Rid (detox drinks, pre-rid pills and dietary fibers) can guarantee you to pass a drug test. Here you can answer some questions to see if you will pass a drug test based on your smoking habits:

Nonetheless, detox drinks for drug test do speed up THC elimination quite effectively – and this may be a difference of someone passing and failing a drug test, and between someone keeping or losing his or her job. You can look here at how long does weed stay in your system (if it really 10-30 days?).

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This is why we at StonersRetreat put together a list of Top 4 Detox Drinks for drug test. You can check them out below (swipe left and right), if you’re in a hurry just click the photos to buy detox drinks for drug test:

Top 4 Detox Drinks For Drug Test (Weed)

Detox DrinkRescue Cleanse XXtra Clean DrinkQCarbo 32ozStinger The Buzz 
Works for (you stay clean for):1-5 hours1-5 hours1-5 hours0-1 hour
Avg. Customer Review and Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)
rescue cleanse 16oz
Price: $40
5 Stars (5 / 5)

Use XXTRA CLEAN to help pass a supervised drug test.
Price: $39.95
3.2 Stars (3.2 / 5)

3.3 Stars (3.3 / 5)

P.S.: Don’t forget to get a drug test kit (check them here) – checking yourself BEFORE a drug test is the only way to be sure detox drinks for weed were successful. That is, of course, if you don’t choose the synthetic urine – here are places where to buy synthetic urine.

Detox Drinks For Drug Test (Is Veggie Smoothie Enough For Weed?)

What makes up the best detox drink for drug test? Today pretty much any veggie smoothie can be used to cleanse your body of toxins. However, if you have THC, MDMA or opiates in your system, smoothies won’t really help you (giant surprise, right?).

Best detox drinks for drug test are usually a cocktail of stronger things than veggies: THC-eliminating niacin, creatinine and herb extracts. By the way, when I first herb I was skeptical, but then I figured weed is a herb as well and we’re all aware of it’s strong effect.

Good reviews are essential – if detox drinks for drug test helped others, then they will probably help you. Or in other words, you’re buying the real thing; and not some healthy smoothie juice that won’t help one bit.

Make sure you read some detox drinks for drug test reviews as well. Here’s a good example:

thc detox drinks

According to the guys who tried them out and got THC negative, here is how to get weed out of your system.

Top 4 Detox Drinks for Weed (And Other Drugs)

Detox drinks for drug test can be used to pass a drug test for pretty much any drug. However, a big majority of people who test positive on drug tests are THC positive.

how many people get caught on urine drug test

More than half of people caught on drug tests are THC positive.

Why are the most sought after detox drinks against weed? Because weed has the longest detection time (around 30 days).

From the drug test chart you can see people testing positive for cocaine or opiates but that’s usually because some individuals did a hit in days (1-3 days) before a drug test (checked with At Home Drug Test).

Most of the people testing positive for weed, however, made a mistake thinking they are clean when they actually weren’t. Why? Because weed takes up to 30 days to leave the body. Fortunately, detox drinks for weed can help you pass a drug test if they are drunk usually 1 to 5 hours before a drug test.

Why are people being so confident they’ll pass a weed drug test? Here is how the reason goes: cocaine, for example, clears out of the system in 2-3 day.

“Cocaine, for example, clears out of the system in 2-3 day. I had the last blunt of weed a week ago, I will surely pass a drug test, cause you know, cocaine is so much stronger than weed.”

Yeah, cocaine is much stronger than weed, but weed sticks in your system way longer. Nonetheless, if you have a urine drug test schedules (like most people do), you can check out how to pass a drug test fast.

Here are the Top 4 Detox Drinks for drug test:

#1 Rescue Cleanse 16oz Detox Drink For Drug Test (1-5 hours weed detox)

4 Stars (4 / 5)

As far as detox drinks for weed are considered, Rescue Cleanse is usually one of the first drinks to be mentioned.

rescue cleanse 32oz

One of best detox drinks for weed.

TestNegative has been selling it for some years now with 200% money back guarantee, and they are doing a tremendous business. If the detox drink for drug test didn’t work, you can imagine they would be out of business quickly enough.

The Rescue Cleanse is basically a masking detox drink. According to the TN, it masks drugs like weed for 1 to 5 hours. Here’s how you use it:

  1. Drink the whole 16oz bottle at least 1 hour before a drug test.
  2. Wait for 1 hour (that’s how long it takes for detox drink to mask weed) – the ‘clean window’ begins.
  3. Take a drug test.
  4. After 5 hours the ‘clean window’ closes.

It’s important to plan a bit in advance – for example, if you’re drug test is scheduled at 11 AM, drink detox drink for weed at 9 AM. You will be protected from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Rescue Cleanse comes in 2 sizes, the regular 16oz and the bigger 32oz (currently the 32oz is sold out, hopefully they will get their supply back on track). Here is a review for Rescue Cleanse 32oz:

Honestly the bigger Rescue Cleans is one of the best detox drinks for drug test but it does go quickly; buying 2 smaller 16oz ones can be more expensive – check the price of Rescue Cleanse 16oz here.

Overall, being so well known and widely used, Rescue Cleanse does deserve 5-stars but we’re cutting a star because the stock can get low quickly after Spring Break or New Years eve (you know, cause we do crazy stuff).

#2 XXtra Clean Detox Drink (Comes With 6 PreCleanse Capsules)

4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)
xxtra clean for passing a drug test

Sold since 1995.

Similar to Rescue Cleanse, the XXtra Clean detox drink was specifically designed to pass a drug test. In addition to the detox drink for weed, XXtra comes with 6 precleanse capsules.

The detox drink itself has to be consumed at least 1 hour before a drug test and the detox drink lasts for about 5 hours (that’s your window).

Precleanse capsules are taken 12-24 hours before the test (read complete instructions here).

The company selling XXtra has been in business since 1995 – they must be doing something right.

The detox drink for drug test reviews are also good:

xxtra clean review

XXtra Clean review by Mark.

However, the detox drink does sound a bit ‘fruity’ for passing a drug test. You can check out the XXtra detox drink here.

#3 QCarbo 16oz and 32oz (Most Popular Detox Drinks For Drug Test)

3.2 Stars (3.2 / 5)

The cheapest detox drink – and most popular.

The most widely known detox drink for weed or to pass any drug test is QCarbo16.

This might be because it is cheaper than most of detox drinks out there (costs below $15). It is also the easiest to use – just 1-step: Drink it and viola, you’re ready to take a drug test.

However, after being skeptical at first we’ve concluded that it does speed up THC elimination and gives us better chances of passing a drug test. You can read the in-depth QCarbo16 review here.

The easiest way to get the QCarbo16 detox drink is at Amazon.

#4 Stringer The Buzz Drinks (1-hour Detox Bomb Immediately before Drug Test)

3.3 Stars (3.3 / 5)
stinger the buzz

Powerful 1-hour detox drink.

Among the detox drinks for drug test, Stringer The Buzz is one of a kind. It literally is a THC detox bomb for when you’re heading to the drug test.

It comes in two 8oz detox drinks you should drink to pass a drug test. Just be aware: they mask the drugs in urine for 1 hour, but no further. So you really have to be quick about it.

Drink this detox drink for drug test, and be delayed somewhere before drug test for more than 1 hour is a risk that needs to be taken. This is probably why it got mixed reviews on Amazon.

stinger the buzz review

Mixed Amazon reviews for Stinger The Buzz.

As you can see, about half (49%) have it a 5-star review but about a third (31%) gave it a 1-star review. Overall, the detox drink has a 3.3-star average review after more than 100 reviews.

On the other hand, this might be one of detox drinks for drug test you wanna be wary about. Why? Behind so powerful to mask drugs in a drug test so quickly might come with some side effects.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really should read how I lived for 3 days in the bathroom (here) because of drinking bad detox drink (at least I passed).

About Drug Tests and Why We Need THC Detox Drinks For Drug Test

There are many occasions when you are requested to take a drug test for illegal substances; namely THC molecule found in marihuana. For example:

  • When starting a new job, you are required to pass medical tests including the test on drugs such as THC.
  • On job drug tests – for existing employees (usually happens every 3-5 years).

For employees the importance of passing a drug test is vital – A study suggests that more than 80% of employees testing positive for THC or amphetamines use are fired specifically for that reason. Just taking a test drug kit at home and seeing if you’re positive might change the outcome – if you are using detox drinks for drug test, of course.

In order to avoid getting caught on THC drug test, there are two options:

  1. Wait for THC to clear out of your system in a natural way (can take up to a few weeks – depending how much one smokes).
  2. Speed up THC elimination by doing an active body detox.

On the other hand, if you think your employer is going to make you do a mouth swab test to check you for drugs, you really should read my post about saliva drug test, in which I explain how to use reviews to check if some products can actually be used for passing a drug test. Detox drinks for drug test only work for urine test.

The toughest to pass, of course, is the hair drug test which can give positive results even 90 days after the last use.

Urine Test (Detox Drinks For Drug Test Are Designed To Urine Test)urine test for marijuana

Urine test is the most common test employers use because it is the cheapest by far. Out of 60 million drug tests being done in the US, 50 million of them are urine tests. Being the cheapest, they also have a high cutoff value – this means that under a certain concentration of THC in your body, the urine test will not detect it. If you can use detox drinks for drug test to come below that line, you’ll pass the test.

Urine test doesn’t measure THC but its metabolite THC-COOH. As you can see from the graph, the THC-COOH metabolite that is measutchcooh graph eliminationred can remain in the body for quite a while (commonly 2-3 weeks). The urine test can detect the you’re THC positive only if the concentration of THC-COOH is above 50 ng/ml. Below that concentration, you will still have THC in your system, but the urine test will not be able to detect it and the result will read ‘THC negative’. How to pass a THC drug test? Simple – just keep the concentration of THC-COOH under 50 ng/ml.

How to pass a THC drug test with detox drinks?

Simple – just keep the concentration of THC-COOH under 50 ng/ml. Undergoing the intense 5-day detox with niacin, there is high probability that you will pass the test. The pre-prepared detox products designed especially for passing the urine test are, of course, the best option. These lower the concentration of THC-COOH below 50 ng/ml in a few days (1-5 days, depending on how heavy smoker uses them). People have been using detox drinks for drug test for a long time and the formulas for passing a urine drug test have all been tested over and over again.

How to pass a urine test: You can check out the urine test detox products at TestClear. Look for passing THC drug tests, and choose a detoxification formula that reflects your marijuana smoking habits (longer detox – 5 days – for heavier smokers).

An alternative to detoxifying your urine for urine test, is to simply buy a powdered urine kit. When you’re asked to give a urine sample, use the powdered urine and add water to it. These preparations do not count as detox drinks for drug test. Many products on the market are made out of synthetic urine; however, the better option is using a real urine powder.  Here is a good video about how to pass a urine drug test for THC.

Based on a study of 86 chronic marijuana users, the chances of getting caught on regular urine test 1-10 days after the last joint is more than 50%. This is why using detox drinks for drug test makes sense.

how long are you positive for weedHair Test (Detox Drinks For Weed Won’t Help)thc hair test

The urine test can detect THC in the blood only in individuals that ingested marijuana in the last month. This is because most of the THC-COOH that urine test detects had already left the body in that time. However, THC is also being partly stored in human hair for up to 3 months or even more (detox drinks for drug test won’t help you there). A test with 1.5 inches of hair can decisively measure if that person ingested marijuana or any other THC containing product in a longer period of time. THC enters the hair follicles and is then transported upwards to the hair shaft where it can stay for up to more than 3 months.

As of yet, this is not a standard test people, especially employed ones, need to be worried about. Some companies are pushing the THC hair test to become as widely used as urine test but most of them are against it due to high costs of the hair test in comparison with the urine test – detox drinks for drug test usually don’t cost more than $50. However, if an employee is tested with the hair test, the common shampoo for clearing the THC in hair is of little use. In such case, do yourself a favor and use a bit rougher Ultra Clean shampoo to pass a hair drug test.

How to pass a urine test: Use Ultra Clean shampoo or Hair Follicle shampoo to get the THC out of the hair effectively.

Saliva Test (Drinks For Detox Are Not Effective)

How to pass a saliva test or how to pass a cotton swab drug test is usually very common question. Why? Because employees usually don’t get a few days notice before the test is made – the test is immediate. Cotton swab is used to take a sample of your saliva right in the office – people don’t have to go to the doctor or provide a urine sample. This is why saliva test is the most feared one by employees and it is being gradually incorporated as the standard THC test of many companies in the US.
how to pass saliva drug testThe saliva test is usually random which means anybody can be tested at any time, and usually employees don’t have much time before the cotton swab test is taken. The test can determine if an individual has consumed (in most cases smoked) marijuana within the last 14 days.

Fortunately, there are quite a lot of supplements on the market can help someone to pass a saliva drug test. Some home remedies can include drinking cranberry juice which does help a bit but the main problem is that saliva test is almost immediate.

This is why many people prefer to use quicker solutions like specially designed chewing gums. These gums bind the THC that remains in the saliva after smoking and are perfect for use at the workplace – chewing gum doesn’t feel out of place in the office, for example. It’s as effective as detox drinks for urine drug tests.

How to pass a saliva test: The OralClear gums, for example, works in about 30 seconds and can last for 30 minutes. Get a pack and keep it handy for when the random drug test hits you.

An urban legend that goes around is that mouthwash can help as well. Using Listerine might wash out the THC in one’s saliva for more than 10 minutes. The only problem is that when you’re tested, you will not be allowed to go to the toilet to use mouthwash. Chewing gum is a more convenient solution.

Blood Test (Most Difficult To Pass)

Blood tests are very uncommon as far as detecting THC goes. Usually blood tests are used to detect harsher illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, LSD or amphetamines. However, for certain work positions such as higher management, this test can be used. Another case are work-related accidents and injuries. In order to find out if an employee was under the influence of any drugs or drug-related substances, the company wants to be sure – and the surest test is the blood test. You can’t cheat it with detox drinks for drug test, or synthetic urine like Sub-Solution.

There is not much one can do to pass a blood drug test. Below you can see the intense 5-day detox program, combining detox diet and exercise with natural supplements. This will, however, only speed up the process of THC elimination – and for all THC to clean out of the body, time is needed.

THC elimination with and without detox drinks

Usually the employer doesn’t give you a month notice about the medical test you’re obligated to take prior of commencement of work. A week’s notice is what most of employers give and in 5-7 days no one can just wait it out for the weed or marihuana you smoked to be eliminated out of the body without some help. Detox drinks for drug test can, for example, help get weed out of your system.

We can speed up the elimination of THC by doing a detox. Putting it simply, a detox is a way how to flush the THC out of your system in an active way; mostly in order to test negative on a drug test.

There are several very helpful homemade detox drinks for drug tests and powders you can buy in specialized stores or over the internet.

Looking at the labels, these THC detox drinks for drug test usually contain basic ingredients that most of us have in the kitchen.

What detox drinks for drug test contain?

  • Multivitamins
  • Niacin (vitamin B3)
  • Apple extracts
  • Blueberry extracts
  • Almond fats
Homemade THC Detox Program With Detox Drinks

The basic idea is this: Everyone should use a detox program to cleanse themselves of weed (THC) prior of taking the drug test. A guaranteed success on drug test is expected after 5-day THC Detox program.

We will lead you through every day and meal (at the end of this help book you will find the 5-day program you want to go through). THC detox, however, is more than just drinking a smoothie or two a day. What can additionally help are detox drinks for drug test.

In this program, we guarantee that you will pass the drug test by implementing 3 things in your daily detox routine.

  1. Nutrition
  2. Natural Supplements
  3. Physical Activity

thc detox with natural supplements

Combining proper nutrition with supplements and physical activity is the only way to guarantee the THC is actually leaving your body at a high enough rate for you to pass THC negative in only 5 days. This is the natural way that doesn’t include detox drinks for weed or the Toxin Rid reviews triple formula.

If you have time, you can take physical activity out of the program, but this will extend the program to up to 8 days.

How does THC leave the body (Blood, Fat Tissue)

In order to understand how the detox program works, we have to have a bit of background on how THC behaves and leaves our bodies.

There are two places where THC is being stored in our body:

  1. THC in Blood
  2. THC in Fat tissue

When smoking weed, the active molecule THC (which is responsible for feeling of being ‘high’) is absorbed through lungs into our blood. From there, it goes all around the body – most notably, into our brain causing the pleasant feeling of being high, and secondly, it is already being eliminated by liver and kidneys, and we eliminate it with urine.

“In short, having THC in blood means that we have it in our urine, and will test positive for THC on urine test.”

While being in the blood, THC is readily stored in our fat tissue. The levels of THC in blood will decrease because it is being eliminated via urine and because the fat tissue is absorbing THC (THC is easily solvable in fat, not water).

This THC in fat tissue is the reason why the fact that someone smoked weed a month can be detected via urine test. While the THC in blood is readily eliminated, the THC that was stored in fat is slowly slipping into the blood again. Even detox drinks for drug test can’t eliminate THC enough to pass negative on blood test.

“THC is being released from fat tissue and provides a constant supply of THC over weeks at a time. This is why smoking weed can be detected even after a month.”

2-Step Detox For Weed

The detox program works in two steps. It was designed specifically to make sure you pass the drug test. Detox drinks for drug test can additionally speed up the elimination of weed.

1-Step – Losing THC

The first step is focused on losing as much THC as humanly possible in a period of first 3 days. This is achieved by flushing THC from the fat tissue by burning fat, and eliminating it from blood by drinking plenty of fluids and perform physical activity to actively heighten your metabolism and THC elimination.

Basically, you have to go on a diet that will burn fat. You have to drink more than 5 liters of water per day, and make sure you eliminate it by urine by drinking detox drinks for drug test. This is achieved by proper nutrition that will add to urine creation, natural supplements and physical activity.

2-Step – Cleaning THC from Blood/Urine

The second step should start 24 hours prior of taking the urine drug test. It is designed specifically to stop THC being supplied to the blood from the fat tissue. The detox drinks for drug test should take care of the weed in the bloodstream.

This is achieved by eating a lot of carbohydrates and fats. When you start to increase calorie input 24h prior to drug testing, the body will stop burning fat and will start storing fat. In such a way, the leftover THC that is in the fat is not being released into the bloodstream; quite the contrary, with fat being stored again, THC is being camouflaged you will effective cut the supply of THC to the blood. We will only have to worry about THC in the blood and we have detox drinks for weed for that.

In the 24h period, all the THC in the blood will be, with proper nutritional described below in our program, readily eliminated via urine.

With this in mind, you can walk right to the drug test, give a urine sample knowing full well that there is absolutely no weed (or THC) in your blood or urine. You can of course use masking agents (some detox drinks for drug test don’t eliminate THC; rather they mask it).

Detox Nutrition (Can Use It In Detox Drinks To Pass Drug Test)

What is amazing is how much we can do with ordinary food that is usually lying around our kitchen. There is no need for detox drinks for drug test perse. Especially useful are fruits and vegetables that when eaten bind THC and speed up the elimination via urine. On the other hand, sources of healthy fats such as almonds, peanuts, fish and olive oil help extract THC from fat tissue and release it in the bloodstream where THC is readily eliminated.

Detox drinks for THC which are homemade, shakes and smoothies in the program you will find at the end of this help book contain a healthy variety of nutrition that will speed up THC elimination. Here is a list of the most common and effective boosters for THC elimination. Many detox drinks for drug test contain some of these ingredients:


As far as the best fruits for THC detox go, blueberries are right there at the top of the list. Not only are they low calorie (which will increase fat loss), they contain a variety of vitamins and fiber. A 146g cup serving of blueberries contains:

blueberries for thc drug test detox

  • Fiber:4 grams.
  • Vitamin C:24% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin K:36% of the RDA.
  • Manganese:25% of the RDA.
  • Contain small amounts of various other nutrients.

Vitamin C is particularly useful because it works as an antioxidant and thereby increases the THC loss. To some extent blueberries make you eliminate more urine – increasing urine elimination via nutrition is vital because as you’ll see in the program, one is to drink more than 5 liters of water per day and eating something that will increase the elimination of all this water (with THC dissolved inside it) out of the bod is vital.

Blueberries can be hard to get – usually they are sold in supermarkets, or on farmer’s markets. The prices per pound are pretty high but keep in mind blueberries are very useful when it comes to THC detox and in total you will need a little bit more than a pound for detox.


One of the fruits that is very easily inserted in our daily nutrition are apples. Apples contain plenty of malic acid that boosts THC elimination. Malic acid can be bought as a natural supplement as well but we would recommend eating apples because it has a combined effect on THC elimination and they are very cheap in comparison with powdered malic acid.

Research has shown that daily consumption of at least 1 apple will increase metabolism and urine production; both of these things are useful when it comes to THC detox.

Apples can be easily bought in almost every supermarket all year round.

Broccoli and Spinach

broccoli and spinach thc detox

Vegetables are filled with antioxidants; and broccoli and spinach are exceptionally full with them. Together with its low-calorie profile, they are perfect to speed up the THC elimination process.

Broccoli is available in most supermarkets; spinach is a bit rare but can still be found in better-stocked supermarkets.

Almonds and Peanuts

thc drug detox healthy fats

Eating healthy fats is essential; using such fats human body can more readily transport THC to liver and kidneys in order to be eliminated via urine. Almonds and peanuts are one of the best sources of healthy fats and very delicious as well is you’re making a shake or a smoothie. More importantly, they stimulate THC excretion while at the same time keep your body healthy.

Here is how much healthy fat one ounce (28g) of almonds contains:

peanuts calories for drug detox

Fish and Olive Oil

The same as for peanuts and almonds goes for fish and olive oil. Fish are naturally rich with healthy fats and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are vital for THC elimination. On the other hand, olive oil is well known for its healthy fats and can be added to many dishes and salads alike with ease.

Coffee, Tea and Alcohol

Yes, you have read it correctly. Coffee, tea and alcohol play an important role in THC detox. Over the period of the cleansing program, you will have to drink more than 5 liters per day.

smoking weed and drinking beer

Coffee, tea and alcohol have one thing in common. They increase urine production and thus made you urinate more than usual. As far as THC elimination is concerned, the more water your body can process, the more THC you lose. In order to maximize how much water you drink, coffee, tea and alcohol helps you to eliminate as much urine as possible. Essentially, the body is flushing out the fluids more readily because these beverages work as natural diuretics – they increase urine production.

This cup may be used for office jokes but everybody knows how much more one urinates after a few pints of beer. Coffee and black tea, on the other hand, propel the body’s natural metabolism and quicken the THC loss.

Natural Supplements (Niacin, Multivitamins, Milk Thistle)

Supplements can enhance the effect done by proper nutrition. They give that extra edge to all drinks, shakes and smoothies to really boost the THC elimination. Great thing is that some supplements such as multivitamins you probably already have at home and don’t have to buy it. Otherwise, you can buy everything at your local pharmacy or simply have it shipped to you in a day using Amazon.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

The most valuable and common supplement in most of THC detox drinks for drug test is niacin; also known as Vitamin B3. niacin vitamin b3 for thc detoxNatural sources of niacin are vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, and potatoes. However, in order to really increase the speed of THC excretion, a natural supplement in powder for can be obtain from any local pharmacy or just order it on Amazon.

Here is a bottle of Niacin you can buy on Amazon. It contains 120 500mg pills that will be more than enough. Usually a daily intake for an average adult man is 15-20mg of niacin. By taking just two pills per day, you are adding 1000mg of niacin in your system to cleanse yourself of THC. Here are the ‘magic pills’ as far as THC detox is concerned.

You can order the bottle here from Amazon. Only 1 bottle is needed.


multivitamin drinks for thc detox

Vitamins can enhance THC loss by making sure everything the body’s metabolism is working as it should. By adding multivitamins in a form of pill or powder, we can put the metabolism into higher gear in order to cleanse our body of THC is the quickest manner possible.

Multivitamin pills are available pretty much everywhere – in a store, a gas station, or local pharmacy. If you want to buy them over Amazon to get them shipped quickly, you are advised to buy these daily multivitamins by clicking here, which as a bonus are also full of vital minerals.


caffeine for thx detox marihuana

Caffeine is a very useful natural diuretic – it increases the production and excretion of urine, and speeds up the metabolism. If you’re not fond of coffee or black tea, you can buy caffeine in pills. Otherwise, 3-4 coffees per day should be enough for a normal THC detox cleanse prior to drug testing.

Here are the most common and trusted caffeine pills of Amazon with over 2000 5 star reviews.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is optional; if you’re in a hurry and have to finish your detox in 3 or 4 days instead of 5 days, you can add milk thistle to the program and it will speed up elimination process fast enough for you to be able to test negative for THC being only on 3-day THC detox program. Here is how you get Amazon’s most sold Milk Thistle extract.

These pills increase your liver function and metabolism by which THC is excreted through urine.

Physical Activity 

Nutrition and natural supplements are tricks how to persuade the body to fasten up THC elimination. If done correctly using the 5-day program, nutrition and natural supplements are enough to eliminate THC in great majority of cases. Physical activity is how one can ensure the beyond any doubt that he or she will be negative for THC is blood or urine test.

It will take a bit of sweating.

The whole idea of physical activity is to:

  • Increase fluid loss via sweating
  • Increase metabolism
  • Increase fat loss
  • Increase water consumption

The best choice of physical activity is any kind of cardio. Running, swimming, biking, hiking; whatever you prefer the most. If you have been drinking weed and running, you may have noticed that your sweat has a funny smell – and it smells a bit like marihuana. That is because THC is excreted with the sweat as well as urine. Additionally, physical activity increases the body’s metabolism and fat loss – both factor increase the THC loss.

At the end of the day, we also easily consume more water while and after doing sports. The more cardio we do, quicker we’re losing fluid and THC, and more and more we have to replace that water which again drives the THC elimination process.

On a final note about physical activity: cardio is much more preferable to resistance trainings such as weight lifting at the gym. The point here is to lose as much water as possible and a constant heart-rate cardio enables is the best way to sweat as much as possible.

5-Day THC Homemade Detox Drinks Program

The program was designed and tested to eliminate THC and guarantee a pass on THC drug test (either blood or urine test).  It consists of 4 days of losing THC while being on a stricter diet to create calorie deficit, and 1 day of plentiful diet to create calorie surplus (and thus keep all unflushed THC out of blood or urine).

All three detox factors – nutrition, natural supplements and physical activity – are being included in the program to guarantee a safe pass after 5 days.

In the following program, it is presumed that your day starts at 8 AM and ends at 12 PM. Everybody is advised to plan their day according to their activities and habits.

Shopping List

For your convenience, here’s a shopping list of natural supplements from Amazon (fruit and veggies should be bought fresh at your local supermarket):

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#1 Step – 4 Days of Losing THC

Keep in mind: Low calorie diet. In addition to nutrition in the program schedule, eat clean and healthy. Avoid simple sugars and bad fats; include enough protein and healthy fat in the diet.

Program plan is the same for each of the 4 days. This is how you will be able to buy everything you need in one setting and get a hang of how to correctly make smoothies and drinks on Day 1.

IMPORTANT: Drink a pint of water (including in prepared drinks) per hour every waking hours. In average, if you are awake for 16 hours, you should consume 16 pints worth of fluids.

DAY 1 Timeline What to do How to make it
8:00 AM Drink Berry-Seed Smoothie

blueberry smoothie for drug detox


  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt
  • 1 cup unsweetened frozen blueberries
  • 1 small banana, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons of seeds (flax, pumpkin, chia)

Make it in 5 min:

Place the seeds in dry blender, cover, and blend until ground into a fine powder. Add the orange juice, yogurt, blueberries, and banana. Cover and blend until smooth and creamy.


10:00 AM Take Niacin pill (500 mg)

niacin vitamin b3 for thc detox

12:00 AM Broccoli-Grapefruit Smoothie

broccoli for drug detox


  • 1 large banana, peeled
  • 1 cup broccoli, chopped
  • 1/2 red grapefruit, peeled
  • 8 ounces of almond milk


Make it in 10 min:

Making broccoli work in a green smoothie can be tricky. If you have a high-speed blender, you’re good to go.

Steam broccoli for 2-3 minutes before mixing it. After that add it to other ingredients and mix it with a blender. Add almond milk to get a smooth and creamy detox smoothie.


2:00 PM Multivitamin Bomb

multivitamin drinks for thc detox


  • 3 large oranges
  • multivitamin pill (make sure they have lots of Vitamin B and C)


Make it in 2 min:

This is a vitamin boosting drink that is very easily made. Squeeze 3 large oranges, add water (a pint of the drink is recommended) and put in multivitamin pill rich in Vitamin B and C. When it is fully dissolved, drink a delicious and refreshing detox multivitamin bomb.


4:00 PM Peanut Butter Shake With Milk Thistle

peanut butter for thc drug test


  • 2 bananas, in chunks
  • ½ cup of peanut butter
  • 2 cups of almond milk (or full-fat milk)
  • 2 tablespoon of honey (or sugar to taste)
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • Optional: Milk Thistle


Make it in 2 min:

Place bananas, milk, milk thistle, peanut butter and honey in a blender; blend until smooth, about 30 seconds. Add chocolate sprinkles. Fresh and delicious.


6:00 PM 1-hour of physical activity

·         Running

·         Swimming

·         Hiking

… pretty much anything that makes you sweat.

There is simpler way of putting this – get your ass out of that couch and start moving. The additional water loss due to physical activity is only going to speed up your water consumption and metabolism; and THC elimination will be increased drastically.
8:00 PM Cup of Wine or Beer

smoking weed and drinking beer

Preferable after dinner and in good company. Especially beer is a great way to get some additional water in your system and out of your system again. Have a beer or three, and you’ll see yourself going to the toilet more than once; flushing THC out of your system.
10:00 PM Take Niacin pill (500 mg)

niacin vitamin b3 for thc detox

12:00 PM Spinach Smoothie With Avocado and Apple

avocado for drug detox


  • 1 ½ cups of apple juice
  • 2 cups of stemmed and chopped spinach
  • 1 apple
  • ½ avocado


Make it in 2 min:

Combine the apple juice, spinach, apple, and avocado in a blender and puree until smooth, about 1 minute, adding water to reach the desired consistency.

Day 4, 3 and 2 are similar to Day 5.

#2 Step – 1 Day of Cleaning THC from Blood/Urine

Keep in mind: High calorie diet. In addition to nutrition in the program schedule, eat with a big spoon. Include simple sugars and bad fats for the whole time on the day of the test; consume 3000+ kcal before taking the test.

IMPORTANT: Drink a pint of water (including in prepared drinks) per hour every waking hours. In average, if you are awake for 16 hours, you should consume 16 pints worth of fluids.

DAY 5 Timeline What to do How to make it
8:00 AM Rich Breakfast

Wake up knowing you’ll have to eat 3000 kcal before the drug test. This is plain and simple giving your body head-up to stop losing fat (and thereby excreting THC in the blood) and start gaining fat.

Ingredients (whatever you want):

  • Eggs…
  • Cereals…
  • Sandwiches…
  • Junk food…
  • Sweets…
  • Pancakes…
  • Coffee…


Make sure you hit at least 3000 kcal. It can be tough but it is the only way to make sure the remaining THC stays out of your blood and urine.

10:00 AM Take 2 Niacin pills (2×500 mg)
12:00 AM Take the THC drug test



You have passed it without a problem thanks to 5-day of efficient THC detox.

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